Monday 5 November 2012

Yorkshire Dales Traffic Jam

One thing to be prepared for in the Yorkshire Dales is a traffic jam, though not of the usual kind.


  1. Hello Marie!

    I have been reading your posts with much glee at seeing such lovely landscapes and hearing about your Yorkshire escapades!

    What a lovely traffic-jam! I remember being in Scotland and none of the cows and sheep had fenced-in land, so they would roam all over the place. And if a cow twice the size of one's car wants to amble along the middle of the road - my advice is to let it! ;-)

    Has being back to the UK made you reconsider living in Canada? I can sympathise with the impermanence of constantly moving and never really feeling 'home', but I'm sure somewhere will leap out at you and the situation will make sure that it can happen!

    Best wishes :)

  2. It would have to be sheep for a Yorkshire traffic jam! We've been held up on the road by cattle moving fields but not sheep:)