Friday 2 November 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

No visit to Harrogate would be complete without a trip to Betty's Cafe Tea Rooms. There is something very special about enjoying a meal with silver service and attentive waitreses: a timeless quality about the whole process where there is a sense that generations of customers before us enjoyed the familiar ritual of tea and pleasant conversation.

And once the leisurely process of lunch is complete, there is always the front of house to explore, where there are many delicacies to tempt the customer.  Nothing reminds me of home quite as much as their English Breakfast Tea.
At the time of my visit, their windows were decorated for Hallowe'en.

We enjoyed our visit so much that we made a point of returning another day to partake of their Afternoon Tea (minus the Champagne!)  However, with such an assortment of goodies, we decided to share one order.  My two year-old niece definitely looked like a lady who lunches, sitting in her high chair delicately nibbling a chocolate brownie!


  1. VERY fun to see you're doing NaBloPoMo this year, Marie! I was wondering if you might. LOVED seeing your visit to Betty's I dream of taking a cuppa there one days...*sigh*... Happy Weekend ((LOVE & HUGS))

  2. Ah, Betty's! I've been in the one in York but not Harrogate:)