Sunday 22 September 2013

Last Roses Of Summer


Rosa Winchester Cathedral has put on a spectacular late bloom this week.  The delicate white flowers have a beautiful old-rose scent.  I absolutely adore it.

These are likely the last roses of the summer.  As the autumn equinox rolls around, my thoughts are turning to shorter daylight hours, first frosts and a late garden clean-up.  The garden has been very neglected of late, as my studies have been occupying my time, along with a sudden rush of births this month, meaning many disturbed nights.

The exam is behind me (it is an annual update) and now I'm facing my next challenge.  I'm teaching next weekend ~ my first time teaching other healthcare professionals in a formal setting at a very high-profile course.  Wish me luck ~ I'm going to need it!

Saturday 14 September 2013


I've been extremely busy at work and I haven't had a minute to myself, hence the reason why I have not been blogging or visiting of late.  I suspect that the pace is not going to let up before the end of this month, as I have lots of preparation to do for a couple of things which are also work-related.  I've had my nose in a book since this morning and I will be spending tomorrow hopefully completing this before an online examination and a practical assessment later in the week.  Once this is out of the way, I then have less than a week to prepare for a course at which I am presenting (I must have been mad to have volunteered for this much stress!)

I came across this app called AutoStitch, which enables a series of overlapping photos to become a panorama.  This photograph was one of my first attempts (taken with my iPhone).  It is the bay of a pretty coastal village outside Halifax, called Prospect.  We were down there at the end of August for a couple of nights in the city ~ a rare opportunity to shop, do a bit of sightseeing and breathe some fresh air straight off the Atlantic.

I suspect that I will not be posting again until after the weekend of the course, which is at the end of this month.  Until then, I am going to be buried under a mountain of paperwork with which the course organisers have bombarded me (all electronic, but call me old-fashioned: I paid to have it printed!)

Until then, enjoy these last official days of summer.  Autumn is almost upon us and a change of season is definitely in the air.