Monday 22 July 2019

Strawberry Swiss Roll

I love the flavour of fresh local strawberries in summer.  I recently acquired a copy of The National Trust Cookbook and couldn’t wait to try this recipe for strawberry Swiss roll.

First I baked the sponge and rolled it up, leaving it to cool for an hour.  Then I made the buttercream filling, which included some strawberry jam, hence the pink colour.

Once the buttercream had been added, it was sprinkled with fresh strawberries and rolled up again.  I must admit that the sponge was a bit heavier than expected, but I think that was due to the size of eggs that I used.  We buy fresh farm eggs, which are not only extra large, but many of them have double yolks.  Mr Candytuft described it as ‘Omelette cake’, but still managed to eat most of it!

Tuesday 9 July 2019

Summer At Last!

Well, I’ve been gone far longer than I anticipated.  I returned to work on Wednesday after ten weeks of recovering from my surgery.  I’m still feeling exhausted at times, so my goal at the moment is to go for walks, even if they are much shorter than they would have been in the past.  

I’m taking one day at a time and have been enjoying visits to the boardwalk now that the weather has finally improved.

The roses are in full bloom and their scent is heavenly.  I just bury my nose in them and inhale.

Whatever you are doing during the summer, I hope that you are taking some time to smell the roses.