Sunday 30 March 2014

Going Vintage

Time seems to have got the better of me lately.  It is many weeks since my last blog post and although I have thought about updating, I have lacked the motivation to do so.  I think that this has been due to a combination of factors: the never-ending winter weather, the dark mornings and the stress of my current work situation.

I've had many weeks of sleepless nights and in an effort to restore a sense of harmony to my life, one of the changes that I've made is buying a vintage Westclox Baby Ben alarm clock on eBay.  There is something very soothing to jangled nerves in hearing the ticking of a clock and I've restored the darkness to the room by removing our digital alarm clock.  I'm no longer constantly checking that digital display and I now fall asleep much sooner.

One thing that is beyond my control is the weather.  Last Wednesday saw the arrival of yet another winter storm; by far the worst of the season.  We had hurricane-force winds and driving snow, which reduced visibility to zero.  This is not an excuse for a day off work, however, and as I was on-call, I stayed overnight.  By lunchtime on Thursday, it was still so windy that I was almost blown off my feet when I finally headed for home.

Our clocks went forward three weeks ago, so that saw the return of dark mornings again.  How I hate getting up for work in the dark!

I'm longing for spring and hope that it won't be too much longer in arriving ~ maybe after this week's predicted winter storm.......