Sunday 30 March 2014

Going Vintage

Time seems to have got the better of me lately.  It is many weeks since my last blog post and although I have thought about updating, I have lacked the motivation to do so.  I think that this has been due to a combination of factors: the never-ending winter weather, the dark mornings and the stress of my current work situation.

I've had many weeks of sleepless nights and in an effort to restore a sense of harmony to my life, one of the changes that I've made is buying a vintage Westclox Baby Ben alarm clock on eBay.  There is something very soothing to jangled nerves in hearing the ticking of a clock and I've restored the darkness to the room by removing our digital alarm clock.  I'm no longer constantly checking that digital display and I now fall asleep much sooner.

One thing that is beyond my control is the weather.  Last Wednesday saw the arrival of yet another winter storm; by far the worst of the season.  We had hurricane-force winds and driving snow, which reduced visibility to zero.  This is not an excuse for a day off work, however, and as I was on-call, I stayed overnight.  By lunchtime on Thursday, it was still so windy that I was almost blown off my feet when I finally headed for home.

Our clocks went forward three weeks ago, so that saw the return of dark mornings again.  How I hate getting up for work in the dark!

I'm longing for spring and hope that it won't be too much longer in arriving ~ maybe after this week's predicted winter storm.......

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  1. LOVELY little clock! And very clever to swap out your digital-display clock for this one. I like a darkened room to sleep at night too. But I'm sensitive to the sounds of some clock. We had a digital clock, but you have to press a but to activate the light display at night, so it is dark through the night. Anyway, do hope some springtime will be making its way to your part of the world soon! We just changed our clocks forward this past weekend. Feeling a bit out of what, out of time... LOL! Happy Days, Marie ((LOVE & HUGS))