Tuesday 7 August 2018

Lake of Shining Waters

Back in June, we visited Anne of Green Gables’ house and we stopped at the Green Gables’ Museum on the way home.  

The main reason for stopping here was to see the Lake of Shining Waters.  

We didn’t actually go into the museum because it was packed with tourists and it was a hot day.  We chose to sit in the shade on the veranda and watch the world go by for a few quiet minutes.

I know it is late publishing this post, but I thought that I would share it, as I know that I have some readers who are fans of Anne of Green Gables.  

Monday 6 August 2018

Open Gardens

I can’t believe that it has been six weeks since I last posted.  I have had issues with posting photographs and only recently discovered that Google no longer supports Picasa, which has made moving photos difficult.  Anyway, I seem to have managed to upload some photos, so here they are.

July and August are the months for open gardens at the garden club, which we joined in the spring.  A chance to have a look at some of the gardens was too good a opportunity to miss, though we haven’t managed to tour all of them.

One of the gardens which drew the largest crowds was the woodcarver’s garden.  The first photo is the intriguing view of the garden from the road, but a short walk to the rear of the house revealed a variety of carvings.  The fairy garden (above) was one of my favourites.

There is something very tactile about carvings and I ran my hands over this bald eagle, marvelling at the fact that all of these carvings were done with a chainsaw.

 Another favourite garden was this one.  The front garden was pretty, with sweet little touches like these stars and the peace sign (below).  


Behind the house, we found this baby barn which had candle lights in the windows and a willow wreath on the door.  I love those red flowers, but forgot to ask what they were.

What came as a complete surprise was this bed under the trees - the perfect spot for a nap on a hot afternoon. 

Complete with cotton sheets, a cotton nightgown and a teddy bear, it looked so inviting. 

I love this luggage label, which reads, ‘I’m going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life’.

How could I resist a photograph of this fireplace, which was on the deck, shaded by a pergola and complete with armchairs for a shady spot to sit and relax. 

We have been out to two more garden tour dates, so I will share some of those photos soon.  
Hope you are all surviving this hot, humid weather.