Saturday 19 March 2016

All Change

Sometimes the smallest step
in the right direction ends up being
the biggest step of your life.
Tip toe if you must,
But take the step.

Naeem Callaway

There are times when life throws so much at us that it is difficult to know which way to turn.  Whilst we may not always be happy with the direction we are taking, there is something reassuring about familiarity.

All of a sudden, we reach a crisis point and have to make some life-changing decisions.  I imagine that I am not alone in feeling daunted at the prospect and more than a little afraid.
I am trying to take these words to heart and believe that this change is for the best.  I may not be feeling very brave at the moment, but I must take this step, even if I have to go on tiptoe.

Thursday 3 March 2016

World Book Day 2016

(Image: BBC)

I have always had a love of books and literature.  I am an avid reader (when time allows) and can happily curl up and lose myself in a good story.

Today is World Book Day and I thought that it was a good time to share a little plan of mine.  I have signed up for a course in proofreading and copy editing with Chapterhouse Publishing.  The course arrived this week and for various reasons, I haven't started it yet.  

My long-term plans include a career change and a creative writing course, but one step at a time.  I have always dreamt of being a published author.  At least I'm taking a step in the right direction.