Sunday 22 September 2013

Last Roses Of Summer


Rosa Winchester Cathedral has put on a spectacular late bloom this week.  The delicate white flowers have a beautiful old-rose scent.  I absolutely adore it.

These are likely the last roses of the summer.  As the autumn equinox rolls around, my thoughts are turning to shorter daylight hours, first frosts and a late garden clean-up.  The garden has been very neglected of late, as my studies have been occupying my time, along with a sudden rush of births this month, meaning many disturbed nights.

The exam is behind me (it is an annual update) and now I'm facing my next challenge.  I'm teaching next weekend ~ my first time teaching other healthcare professionals in a formal setting at a very high-profile course.  Wish me luck ~ I'm going to need it!


  1. Hello Marie!

    What a lovely rose! My mum has Winchester Cathedral in her garden and this year the blooms were particularly nice, but have been and gone now. With any luck, they'll be just as nice next year, too :)

    It's good to hear that your exams are over and done with for another year, but it seems it's never a quiet moment for you. I can understand that you don't have much time to yourself, let alone for the garden, but gardens are forgiving things and will wait for any spare time you get!

    Congratulations on the teaching! It goes to show how good you are to be asked to teach and I'm sure you'll make an amazing teacher. Good luck next weekend, I'll keep everything crossed for a fun and exciting weekend :)

    Best wishes,

    Tash from

  2. GLORIOUS roses, Marie! My fave roses... palest pink. Glad you've got the exam knocked out... Here's cheers for you knocking out a great presentation--good luck! :o) ((LOVE & HUGS))