Wednesday 21 November 2012

Whitby ~ Part One

Top of my list of places to visit during my trip home last month was Whitby.  The hours I have spent dreaming of a bracing walk on the pier and breathing that fresh sea air!  I took my Mum along for the drive and we had a spectacular day.  The weather was perfect: the sky blue with fluffy white clouds.

Down on the beach, a few people enjoyed the sand or walked their dogs.

The waves rolled in and all was right with the world.

The old lighthouse still stands strong against the elements, though it could use a coat of paint.  I remember climbing the spiral staircase years ago to stand at the top and gaze out to sea.

The remains of St Hilda's Abbey stand on the East Cliff alongside the parish church of St Mary.

The topography seems to have changed quite a bit since I last walked along this shore: the rocky outcrops appear more jagged.

The harbour entrance must be a welcome sight to those who venture out on the North Sea.  Even on a perfect autumn day, those waves outside the harbour looked quite choppy.  It was wonderful to be there again and to enjoy a few precious hours by the coast. 

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