Monday 12 November 2012

Late Bloomers

I was in the garden last Sunday tidying up before the onset of winter and I was surprised to see just how many plants were still blooming.  The Candytuft had survived, though some of it had gone to seed.

The annuals had done really well, considering I grew most of them from seed and they went in late.

Cosmos in pretty pinks.

Nigella, which is such a gorgeous blue and a delicate flower.
Cosmos Puity was grown from seed sown directly into the garden.  This was the only one that flowered before the frost, but it was still worth the wait to see this lovely white bloom. 
A couple of days after I took these photographs, we had a hard frost, so I cleared the rest of this bed in preparation for next spring.  I have high hopes of the garden for next year, if I can ever get on top of the weeds!

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  1. LOVELY to see these, Marie! We had one lone rose hanging on 2-3 weeks ago before even more hard frost came. It has felt cold and almost wintry here for weeks now. No more flowers now! Happy Week my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))