Saturday 24 November 2012



A drive across the Yorkshire Dales on a Saturday morning found us in Settle and passing the famous Olde Naked Man Cafe.  Located in Ribblesdale and the Three Peaks of Yorkshire, it is a favourite haunt of walkers.
The scenery around the vicinity of this market town is stunning.  I love the rugged peaks and the rough terrain.  It reminds me of many happy hours spent hiking in this area.

This short trip home did not allow much time for serious hiking, though we did do a couple of shorter walks during my stay.
I love the sense of space and the vastness of the sky and the clouds.  The sounds of the curlews and the sense of peace which I experience when in this wild country.

And what beter place to go to school than in a village?  My nieces and nephew attend the village school at the centre of the photograph below.  Their classroom windows look out on fields and sheep.

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