Tuesday 13 November 2012

Intermediate Cake Decorating


I missed the first week of the intermediate class because I was in the UK visiting my family.  This meant that I went straight into the second class with very little preparation, but at least I remembered to take an iced cake.

For my second cake, I made a Victoria Sandwich based cake and I chose the recipe from Nigella's book How To Be A Domestic Goddess, which makes a delightfully light sponge.  I filled it with vanilla buttercream and iced it in preparation for finishing.

We learnt basketweave techniques, which we practised on our boards before attempting our cakes.  Then we were shown how to do the rope technique, which is actually quite easy once I tried it for myself.  We had to pipe a message on our cakes, so I decided on Welcome Home, which seemed appropriate after my recent travels.

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