Tuesday 6 November 2012

Malham Cove

A glorious Sunday morning in the Yorkshire Dales.  What better opportunity to go for a walk?

We headed for Malham Cove along tracks following the boundary walls of the fields.  I love the sense of history of these stone walls, which have seen generations of people coming to admire the majesty and dramatic scenery of the area.

It is difficult to get a good perspective of the Cove due to its size and the fact that there are teasing glimpses from the winding tracks.

At the bottom of the hill, an old stone bridge to cross.

The Cove seen from the track as we approached.  It stands 80 Metres high and is 300 Metres wide: a crag of carboniferous limestone formed after the last ice age.

Sheep grazing by the brook and a chance to catch our breath before the long climb to the top.

Yes, that it is track to the top!
The limestone pavement, which offers a micro-climate for rare plants.

And the view down the Dale.

Then down the road heading for home, exhilerated from all that fresh air and exercise.


  1. This was a treat to see & experience, Marie... We have got to get ourselves to Yorkshire one of these years! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

  2. Lovely! It's a place I've heard about often but never been to:)