Thursday 9 November 2017

In The Garden

We had the bird bath outside and in position for quite a while before we had any visitors.  This little sparrow seemed to be enjoying it though.  It is quite deep for small birds, so we added a strategic rock close to the centre and they seem to like it.  The water level had gone down a bit too, which probably helped.  The sparrow was able to hop off the rock, splash about and then hop back on.  

It always makes me smile when I watch them enjoying a bath - they are like small children, as there is lots of splashing!

Elsewhere in the garden, we planted our first shrub.  There is little evidence that there has ever been anything planted in this garden, even though the house is 50 years' old.  We chose to plant Ilex 'Blue Prince'.  We would have added a princess, but they were out of stock, so it is on our list for next year.

 As the woman at the garden centre said when I spoke to her on the phone, 'We have a few boys, but we are out of girls!'


  1. Such a pretty birdbath in your garden! I miss having a birdbath and feeding the birds... With so many cats in the neighborhood wandering through our patch though, it feels like leading lambs to the slaughter. :/ LOVELY blue holly you have... and hope you'll be able to find him a princess soon! :) Happy days as you experiences your news garden in winter, and dreaming of next year! ((HUGS))

  2. It has had to be put away for winter, as it is not resistant to frost. Hoping that our prince survives and is soon joined by his princess.