Saturday 4 November 2017

Friendship Park

A chance remark about a park in town led us to discover this little gem.

We were there just before the strong winds and rain brought down many of the leaves and berries.

The last colours of autumn were still visible on the trees,  The path offered shelter from some fairly strong winds.

We found a bird table and saw evidence of seed left to feed them.

The canopy looked glorious in the sunshine.

We saw less wildlife than on our usual walks along the boardwalk.

I was glad of the protection from the trees, as it was far too blustery to be on the more exposed path along the shore.  We will likely be back on those windier days, although Mr Candytuft prefers the other route!


  1. LOVELY place for a walk and wander... and beautifully dressed for autumn! :) Thanks for taking us along, Marie ((HUGS))

    1. It is a nice place to walk, although Mr Candytuft prefers the boardwalk. Marie x

  2. Looks lovely. I'm a big fan of going walking on windy days. Unfortunately the WonderDog gets a bit scared by all the leaves being blown around.