Monday 24 November 2014

Welcome To Winter

Saturday morning dawned grey and snowy, but later in the morning (after the initial clean-up of our deck), the sun came out.  If there was ever any doubt that winter had arrived, it has certainly gone now.  At least we didn't get a dumping of snow like New York State!  (Take a look at the photo from the New York Times.)

The garden now has a blanket of snow and I think that I may be too late to protect my Camellia (hoping that the snow acts as insulation.)  It can be difficult to decide what will survive our winters.

The trees are frosted too.  It seems a little early to be looking so festive, but it may not last as there are signs of a thaw.

We have a snow fence this year (the orange netting to the left of the photo) as we get a lot of drifting from our neighbour's garden.  It is only partly erected, as it will extend further back between the houses.  The reason for this will be explained later next week.

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  1. I know that snow is miserable after a while (and signals the first of a long winter), but it looks so pretty, doesn't it? I hope that your snow drift fence does its job!