Sunday 30 November 2014

Thought For The Day - 5

 This Advent moon shines cold and clear,
These Advent nights are long;
Our lamps have burned year after year
And still their flame is strong.

Christina Rossetti

The beginning of Advent and the start of the preparations for Christmas.  In the kitchen, I've been drying oranges which will form part of our Christmas decorations.  I love to have naturally scented additions to our Christmas tree, as they make Christmas much more memorable.
My angel chimes are out in preparation for the season and the light of the candles shines out in the darkness.  The Advent nights are long, but indoors, it is cosy and warm.

1 comment:

  1. I was thinking about Advent beginning and how usually ready-for-it I am, but definitely not this year! Your orange slices look lovely and I bet your house smells divine. I once saw a garland of orange slices and dried rose hips on a shabby-chic Christmas tree and it looked lovely indeed. I can't wait to see it strung up! :)