Thursday 27 November 2014

Kitchen Chefs

I've left the mice in charge of the kitchen and they've been busy feeding the Christmas cakes with brandy.  Yes, there are two of them this year (cakes, not mice, although there are two of them as well).

I baked the first cake and was then asked to bake a second.  I'm hoping to keep the extra one until later in the winter or early spring.  If I hide it away, maybe no-one will find it....


  1. Your cakes look delicious, Marie. I wish you success in hiding one of them. I think you'll have to find a really good place!

    Tasha T

  2. Your cakes look delicious. I haven't had the chance to feed ours yet, though it has survived the move (all 4lbs+ of it!). Once the kitchen is a wee bit more sorted out, I will give it a tipple of brandy. I love your little guardian mice, too! :)