Friday 14 November 2014

Putting The Garden To Bed

I grew Geraniums for the first time this year.  I bought them as little more than rooted cuttings and I was impressed by the fact that they flowered by July.

Geraniums tend to be grown as annuals here, as they do not survive our winter.  I searched online and discovered a gardening website with information about encouraging them to go dormant over winter, so I've decided to try it.

The first step was to dig them out of their containers, which have been sitting in our kitchen since the frosty nights started.  I had left them unwatered, so at least it wasn't too messy getting them uprooted.

After cleaning off the loose soil (photo above), I have soaked the roots in water for an hour.  Once the excess water has drained, I will hang them up in the basement.  The instructions state that the leaves will die back, but the plants will survive if soaked in water once a month.

Now all I have to do is remember to water them....

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