Thursday 20 November 2014

It's Never Too Early To Practise...

Some of you may recall that I started piano lessons in January.  This was a long held ambition, as I had wanted to learn since childhood, which I first wrote about here.  With less than six weeks until Christmas, I have been spending my free time learning some of my favourite Christmas carols.

When my teacher asked me if there was any Christmas music that I wanted to learn, I immediately said In The Bleak Midwinter.   This is a beautiful carol and I would love to be able to play it perfectly by 25th December.  Others on my list include Silent Night and The Holly and The Ivy.  On a lighter theme, I want to be able to play White Christmas, but that may be a trifle ambitious for someone who only started playing a few months ago and is still struggling to read bass clef music (treble clef being no trouble, as a former flautist).  My teacher told me that I would definitely be able to play it by Christmas 2015 though....

In the meantime, I've asked Santa for that beautiful piano that I saw when we visited Ontario in the summer.  I'm not sure how he will fit it on his sleigh, but I have great faith in his abilities....

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  1. Well done you! It's not easy picking music up/ picking it back up. I know that I certainly was never any good with the two hands thing on the piano! :-/

    In June I became the proud owner of a hammered dulcimer (essentially an early keyless piano), so I am going to have to sit down and actually learn to play it (like this guy:!

    Good luck with it - I hope that you can manege In The Bleak Midwiner soon (have you heard the Bert Jansch version or the James Taylor version? Both lovely!)