Tuesday 22 August 2017

Nature Trail

I've read that exercising outdoors puts us in touch with nature, which brings a sense of wellbeing.  We have recently exchanged pounding the pavements of a large city for a boardwalk on the island we now call home.

Our morning walks offer us sights of seabirds on the beach and the first glimpses of autumn colour.

Chipmunks abound and stuff their pouches with tasty treats left by walkers.

This one looked like he had a bad case of mumps after filling his face with as much as he could carry.  

We have yet to identify this bird, which we couldn't find in our bird guide.

But we do know what is in this nest - osprey chicks, which we can hear calling to their parents.  They are too far away for a good photo and their nest is on the top of a telegraph pole.

Nature offers such riches and puts us in touch with the subtle change of seasons almost before it is happening.  


  1. What a big different to walking these days for you, Marie...from urban to coastal! Very fun to see the variety of wildlife so close to where you are now. Enjoy those nature walks! :) ((HUGS))

  2. Tracy - it is a big change from walking in the city and lovely to get back to nature. Marie x

  3. Lovely photos,I've enjoyed all your posts about this special walk you have found. Love the Chipmunks:)

  4. What a totally fabulous commute to the office! I'd swap it any day for the grey pavements of a large city. I love your chipmunk! There's a movie that my son used to love called "Alvin and the Chipmunks", which they widely mistranslated over here in Spain as "Alvin and the Squirrels". I can remember spending more time than the point was worth arguing about what a chipmunk was, and all the while I'd never actually seen one in the flesh myself. xox

  5. Rosie - thank you for visiting. I'm glad that you are enjoying the scenery. Marie x

  6. Bonny - now you know what a chipmunk looks like. They are quite small and very fast on their feet. They have an amazing capacity for pouching food in their cheeks too. Marie x