Sunday 20 August 2017

Bird Boxes of PEI

One of the first things that we noticed on our new walk was the abundance of bird boxes.  They seem to appear at almost every turn and each has unique features.  

Take this one, for example, a very desirable des res, complete with chimney and veranda.

And this one, nicely situated in a shady spot, close to the water.

This one has a larger balcony on which visitors were leaving peanuts - mostly enjoyed by the squirrels.

Then there is the more modern townhouse complex with a shared open-plan aspect at the front. 

Some might favour a more 'cabin in the woods' feel, complete with rustic fence.  

On the other hand, there is the modernist architecture of this box, which has a 1960s feel about it.

I'm not sure who would call this one home, but they must be large, judging by the size of the entrance. 

This one looks more like a rustic shack.  

Here, another with a similar feel to the first box seen on our walk - clearly a popular choice.

For the female nest-builder who wants a more girly pad, there is this cute pink house.

And finally, a little white box with a tinge of blue - seaside colours for a coastal location.  

Which one is your favourite?


  1. Goodness... sooo many house, and so many different styles! Do you know who is responsible for, or who has made all these houses? I'd be hard pressed to choose actually... Pink being a fave color, that little cute pink one is charming. But I think I'd like best one with a front porch style to be able to sit outside with ease and enjoy the view. ;) ((HUGS))

  2. Tracy - I have no idea how these boxes came to be there. I assumed that there was some sort of organised attempt to encourage birds, but it looks like people have added to the existing boxes, as some of the smaller ones are just hanging on tree branches. I like your choice too. Marie x

  3. What sensational bird houses. I love how they've been put out in such abundance and variety. Epic!

  4. Bonny - they seem to come in every size imaginable. I'm not sure whether they actually get used for nesting, as they are mostly close to the path, but they are definitely used as bird tables and visited for tasty treats. Marie x