Monday 7 August 2017

On The Road Again

We had an early start and loaded through the morning.  By the time we got on the road, we had already been working for nine hours.  We had a three hour drive to our first overnight stop in Kingston, Ontario.  The second day was our long one - twelve hours on the road as we crossed eastern Ontario, journeyed into and then across Quebec and on into New Brunswick.

We ran into a few problems when the GPS took us astray in Montreal, which is a nightmare of a city to navigate at the best of times, because all signage is only in French.  We eventually got back on track, but it cost us a lot of time as we passed Quebec City (above).

On along the shore of the mighty St Lawrence River with the Laurentians in the distance.  The weather was hot and humid; the truck noisy, uncomfortable and with no air conditioning.

A typical farm with red roof of the barn and grain silos.

Entering New Brunswick and heading down to Tamiscouata-sur-le-Lac.  The scenery changes to rolling hills and the truck struggles up those long climbs.  The cab is so hot that my feet are burning when I put them on the floor!

The kilometres pass and the journey becomes a bit of a blur.  It is only when I look back at the photos that my mind recalls just how long a day we spent on the road.

 The roads are thankfully, uncongested.  We are tiring and longing for our overnight destination.

We reach Edmundston, New Brunswick before dark and having checked in at our hotel, head back out to eat before we are too tired to bother.  The sense of anticipation is mounting, as tomorrow, we will arrive at our destination.

(These photos were taken through the windscreen and side windows and on the move, so please excuse the picture quality - dead bugs do tend to get in the way, even when the windscrren gets regular cleaning!)


  1. What a great adventure and what a long, long journey, you must hve been exhausted no wonder the journey sometimes seemed a blur:)

  2. Such FUN to see your journey, Marie...though moving is not exactly fun... LOL! ;) I just love the rural look of the places your traveled through... farms remind me of home. :) ((HUGS))

  3. Rosie - it is a long journey, though you would think we would be getting used to it by now, as we have driven this road a few times. It is good to be here though - always such a relief to reach journey's end. Marie x

  4. Tracy - there is some beautiful countryside here. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are quite similar, with coniferous forests and rugged scenery, whereas Prince Edward Island is far more fertile and agricultural. Marie x

  5. What an amazing trip - although I can't believe there was no aircon in the truck! You must have been SO uncomfortable. Twelve hours of driving is a very long day but at least you had wonderful vistas. x

  6. Mrs Tiggywinkle - it was a very long trip, but we are here now and the journey is behind us. Still unpacking, so not much time to get out ane explore as yet, but we hope to rectify that soon. Marie x