Monday 21 August 2017

In Search of the Red Squirrel

On our first walk last Thursday, we were delighted to discover that there are red squirrels in the area.  In fact, one had been leaning over the railing of this bird box, but sadly, the camera took too long to focus, so I missed the shot.

Here he is running down the tree.

And hanging off the edge of the bird box.

When we returned on Friday, we went armed with almonds to entice them out from cover. Though shy at first, the temptation of a tasty almond was too great.

I had the camera on and ready, so I managed to capture this photo.  Here he is with the almond in his paws.  Though we have been back twice since, we haven't seen red squirrels this weekend, so can only assume that they are so stuffed with peanuts (lots of people leave them) that they are sleeping off their overindulgence!


  1. So sweet... I love red squirrels! They do love their peanuts too! That bird box with the "front porch" is so cute. :) Happy nature walks, Marie ((HUGS))

  2. Tracy - they seemed a bit timid to me until one ran up my trouser leg the other day! I didn't have peanuts, but someone else did. I love that bird box too. Marie x

  3. Oh, how wonderful I love red squirrels, it must be fascinating to be abe to see them on your walks:)

  4. I am DEEPLY envious of your red squirrels. There are some near to where my parents live in Ireland, but the little rascals never come anywhere near me when I go looking for them. Are these ones indigenous to Canada, or have they come across from the Old World as a kind of trade for the pesky grey ones who came the other way and largely destroyed our native reds in the UK?