Saturday 2 September 2017

Making Waves

I started knitting this shawl a couple of weeks ago.  The pattern is Gwindra from Blacker Yarns.  It is a modified garter stitch pattern, which knitted up quickly and had added interest with the addition of the blue contrasting stripe.

The cable and lace edging adds a new dimension to this pattern and is a little more challenging to knit.  I have found this fairly straightforward, as long as I concentrate on the pattern.

The edge has grown slowly: with a 22 row pattern repeat, which is then repeated 28 times, there are a lot of rows to knit.

I've had a sense of waves of cable and lace forming as the pattern grows.  I still have a number of rows to knit, but I'm getting there.


  1. Looks lovely. I struggle with lace as I'm really, really short-sighted, but I love other people's lace-knits. Nice choice of colours and pattern too.

  2. What wonderful progress, Marie! It looks at once simple, yet complicated... ;) This will be a special finished project! I like that bit of blue whispering through all the creamy-white... Happy Knitting ((HUGS))

  3. Bonny - thank you for your kind words about my shawl. The lace is a little challenging, but only because I tend to mult-task and I'm usually knitting in front of the television! Marie x

  4. Tracy - it is looking good. My only concern is that I may run out of yarn before the end...not long now (the yarn and the end!). Marie x