Friday 29 August 2014

Kitchen Space

I dream of a large farmhouse kitchen with a long table (a bit like The Darling Buds of May), but like most people, I have to make do with a much smaller space than I would like.  The Aga also features in my vision, but I may have to wait a while longer to make that dream a reality....

One space that I closely guard is my bookcase, which is filled with recipe books collected through the years, plus my collection of craft books on the bottom shelf.

This was looking rather dusty and I must confess to not removing the books and doing a proper clean since they were put there when we moved to this house (more than) two years ago.  It was high time for a thorough dusting!

This also gave me a chance to remove superfluous items secreted there by my husband, who seems to think that I won't notice that he has added a pile of washers(!) , assorted nuts and bolts and anything else that he wants to keep handy 'in case he needs it'.

My Union Jack teapot has been mentioned in a previous post.  It was a housewarming gift from a dear friend some years ago - I have no idea which home this was for, as we have moved too many times!

I can finally get a book off the shelf without blowing away a cloud of dust (it wasn't quite that bad, but it certainly felt like it) and have the pleasure of browsing through some of my favourite books to find a new recipe or two to try.


  1. LOVELY little space in your kitchen, Marie... and LOVE the Union Jack teapot!! :o) So nice to have space in your kitchen for books. Over the years I've downsized my cookery books collection. Only 12 now--half of them are Nigella's... LOL! I enjoy home-keeping, so this post has such a comfy-cozy feel... A Darling Buds of May table... YES! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  2. Hi Marie,

    What a fab selection of cookery books! Ooooh, an Aga! We looked at various kitchen stoves, as we were/are considering a wood-burning job, to heat and cook at the same time. In the end, we decided we couldn't justify the cost of an Aga/Rayburn, but did find that there is one made by La Nordica (search for 'La Nordica Suprema') that is both cost-effective and great to cook on! Fingers-crossed you get the kitchen of your dreams soon.

    Best wishes,
    Tash from

    P.s. I replied to your comment on the blog re: chard (I don't know if it emails them to you or not) and will email you soon too :)

  3. Tracy - I share your love of home-making....just wish that I had more time to do all that I would like.

    Marie x

  4. Tash - I took a look at the La Nordica and what a fabulous addition to any kitchen.

    Marie x

  5. Tidying up the bookcases certainly does make you remember what you have and look at some of the books you haven't used for ages. It is a job I always dread doing but always enjoy once everything is clean and fresh:)