Thursday 7 August 2014


There is something immensely satisfying about stocking the pantry with summer's goodness.  I recently made strawberry and rhubarb jam from this recipe, as well as pickling fresh beetroot bought from a farm shop when we were out one day.

Growing up in the UK, I was unaccustomed to rhubarb being in season at the same time as strawberries, but they do come into season at the same time in this part of the world.

The jam is delicious and a vast improvement on commercially produced ones, which are always over-sweetened.  I much prefer this recipe and my only wish is that I'd had more produce with which to make  my jam.  I went back to the farm shop a couple of days ago, but local strawberries are finished for this year

After my jam making, I tidied the pantry, as it was looking quite disorganized and there were a few out-of-date products cluttering up the shelves.

I'm still dreaming of the day that I have a proper walk-in pantry, well-stocked with home produced goodies.  For the time being, that remains a dream, but at least I created a space where I could put my jars in pride of place.


  1. Hi, Marie! LOVELY jam! And very tidy pantry-cupboard. I could do with a tidy in mine. And this is the first summer (so far) I've not put up any jams or fruit butters. Sadly our little cube freezer in the basement conked out this week…and sadder still, we had to throw away a good bit of food. :o( It's been a mess, and we've had quite a time. Sooo we’re freezer shopping this weekend… LOL! :o) ((HUGS))

  2. Hi Marie!

    The jam looks delicious! I love rhubarb and particularly with ginger (have you tried that combination?), though I imagine with strawberries would be just as tasty :) I love your pantry - after going from a kitchen that had only two tiny cupboards (the kitchen was about 5ft sq) to one with plenty, I am so appreciative of the space. I remember a walk-in pantry from my grandparents' house, which was a 1930s semi and one of my all-time favourite houses, which was always a good deal cooler (as it was built to be) so that you could keep food much longer in there.

    Best wishes,

    P.s. I'll email you soon :) It's all a bit whirlwind with visitors at the moment!

  3. Tracy - I have to confess that I cheated with this photo, as it is one that I've posted previously! The photo I originally posted was accidentally deleted when Blogger went wobbly on me.....

    Tash - I remember the walk-in pantry in my grandmother's house and how much cooler it was in there, even in summer. I recall her setting jelly without using a fridge and keeping meat in there. That pantry fascinated me and it has long been my dream to have one of my own.

    Marie x

  4. We used to have a walk in pantry when I was a child with a cold stone and meat safe. We had a fridge when I was about 10 years old. I remember my grandma's pantry under the stairs - a constant source of fascination for me as a child. It is good to make your own jams and preserves. I'm waiting for the plums to ripen on our tree to make some jam and chutney with:)