Saturday 30 August 2014

Household Wants

Long before Downton Abbey hit our screens and we saw life below stairs in their kitchens; I spotted a Household Wants Indicator in the television production of The Cazalets.   I hunted all over eBay looking for one and discovered that they are now hugely expensive, due to the surge of interest in historical kitchen items.

Earlier this summer, I received an update from eBay informing me that an item matching my search had been listed.  By the time I read the email, the item had sold.  It was a reproduction without those little tabs which flick over to mark the grocery items that the cook requires, but with little magnetic arrows, which serve the purpose.

A few weeks later, another one was listed and this time, I managed to buy it.  I can add items as I run out of them and hopefully, remember to add them to my grocery list when I go shopping.

Now wouldn't it be wonderful if I could telephone the grocer and have the items delivered?


  1. What a super way of recording your household needs. I remember the grocer delivering our box of groceries once a week and taking Mum's list for the next week in a little red book in which he would price the items and total the bill for her to pay - he'd sit and have a cuppa and chat with Mum and Dad before he went back to the shop:)

  2. VERY fun, Marie... glad you were able to get one of your "wants"! Delivered groceries... Now that would be something, if it wasn't too costly. ;o) Happy Week ((HUGS))