Friday 8 August 2014

Alterations - part two

The challenge: to alter a shirt to fit by lifting the shoulders.  How to go about it?  Well, after an obliging assistant pinned markers for the correct shoulder position, the only solution seemed to be to remove the sleeves.

That step accomplished, I reaslised that the only way to make the sleeves fit in their new position would be to take in the side seams, which was not a problem, as the shirt was too big for me.

Once this was completed, I could reinsert the sleeves using flat fell seams - at least, I think that's what they are called, if I remember my dressmaking classes from school, but it was a long time ago!

My apologies for the quality of some of the photographs, but the light was not the best.  Anyway, I think that the finished article came out rather well and now I have a wearable shirt in one of my favourite colours.


  1. Hi Marie,

    If ever you think of a change of career, I think you'd make a cracking seamstress! My sewing skills are not great (I can quilt, but that's about my limit) and I think your ability to alter clothing so completely is fab! You clever thing :)

    Best wishes,
    Tash from

  2. Tash - how I would love to sew for a living! I'm quite content with my sewing machine. Sadly, I don't think that it would pay the bills.

    Now quilting is something that I've not tried - not the proper hand quilting that I see from time to time. Not sure that I'd have the patience for it.

    Marie x

  3. How clever you are with your sewing. I'd have made a total mess of that kind of alteration. I love the colour of your shirt too:)

  4. Well done, Marie! Another great alteration. Sometimes something is too nice to to try and fix. LOVE the pink--my fave too. ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))