Tuesday 5 August 2014

Alterations - part one

The challenge was to alter a dress which I bought about two years ago and was too big.  It is a job which I procrastinated about because I was unsure quite how to go about this alteration.

I had the alteration pinned on the outside, but the dress is lined, so I had to get inside the lining before I could make any changes to the fit.

I unpicked a small area of the lining and worked inside it.

This is the alteration after I had machined it.

Once the alteration was completed, I then pinned and stitched the lining back in place by hand.

I am delighted with the results and now have a dress which is wearable.

Although the alteration was challenging, it was nowhere near as difficult as I had anticipated and I would certainly feel braver about attempting such an alteration in future.


  1. VERY pretty dress, Marie... and wonderful alteration result--well, done! Like you, I'm becoming more brave attempting to alter and rather radically change some of my clothing. It's puzzling sometimes, but also very fun and exciting... and when something fits better than before, all the sweeter. ;O) Happy Days ((HUGS))

  2. Tracy - thank you for your comment. This was really not as difficult as I had supposed, once I got my act together and actually started it....I just needed the time and the motivation.

    Marie x