Wednesday 27 November 2013

The Doors

One of the fun parts of Christmas in the Village is that 'doors' are added to the old homesteads and then decorated.  We were told about this by the lady who runs the café, where we headed for a warming cup of tea before spending half of a late November evening outdoors. 
I liked the idea of the hearth ~ pity that the fire wasn't lit though!  At least the Christmas stockings are all arranged and ready for the big day.  It looks like a large family...

Oh that's better!  Come home to a real fire!  I'd like to get a bit closer to take advantage of those warming flames....

Could this be Rudolph in disguise? 

This one is of a person heading downhill on a sled, in case you are having trouble working it out.

A handy pair of snowshoes in case of deep snowfall in the coming weeks.  I'm told that they work very well, but I've never tried a pair.  Modern-day ones are a little more sophisticated.

And finally, a tartan one, reflecting the Scottish heritage of many of the original settlers.

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  1. VERY fun... what great decorative imaginations folks have! I must say, I do love the Tartan door best. :o) Apart from a wreath, folks here don't decorate doors like this. Happy Day ((HUGS))