Thursday 21 November 2013

Santa Express From Vermont

Yesterday we awoke to not quite a winter wonderland, but more of one of those dismal snow-squally days when the roads are slippery and the wind is gusting strongly.  Although this was not our first snowfall of the season, we have yet to have one of those crisp, bright mornings when it looks all pristine and I am inspired to go out and take photographs.  On days like this, the priority is staying upright and not falling over when walking or skidding off the road when driving.

Some Christmas cheer was awaiting when I got home from work in the shape of a package from Vermont.  It seems like a very circuitous route to order an advent calendar which was made in the UK and have it delivered from the US, but I can only assume that Santa's GPS was malfunctioning. 
I am a child at heart and still take great delight in opening those little windows on the days leading up to Christmas.  Christmas just wouldn't be the same without one. 

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  1. Santa's wonky GPS... that's funny! But strange all the same--that's a long way for an Advent calendar. We light candles at Advent. I always think I'm going to make a pretty fabric calendar one year, but have yet to do so! Happy Days in the lead up to Christmas, Marie ((HUGS))