Saturday 2 November 2013


October dresses in flame and gold
Anne Mary Lawler

Last Saturday, we went for a drive along the shore and visited one of my favourite spots, Arisaig. 

This garden is one of the spots with the best views and nature was certainly putting on a show with stunning colours to the foliage. 

This stone gives a clue to the history of the area, which was settled by Scottish immigrants who named the place after their homeland.

"Cead Mile Failte" means A Hundred Thousand Welcomes in Gaelic.

I love the contrast between the evergreen and the reds of autumn.

There are wild roses just over the wall and they are covered in hips ~  such a waste really, as I would have loved to have collected some and tried out a recipe for rosehip syrup, but didn't feel adventurous enough to venture through the thorns!
It was lovely to get out on one of the last days of October and savour the fresh air and the views.  I did collect a few seed heads from some of the plants to add to my own little Arisaig garden.

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  1. What a lovely peaceful looking place and so much seasonal colour in the plants. What a pit that the rose hips were inaccessible I remember having to take rosehip syrup when I was a child:)