Friday 22 November 2013

Flying The Flag

My blog posts seem to have been one long round of purchases this week, but I promise that I am working on some creative projects in the background. 
As someone who always wanted a Mini in the days before they were taken over by BMW, I do have a soft spot for all things British.  I was browsing on eBay one day during the summer when I came across this weekend bag.  How could I resist?  I placed a bid and won the auction and soon afterwards, my bag arrived. 
At first, I was disappointed with my purchase.  I knew that it was a used item, but I hadn't anticipated the rather musty smell which accompanied it.  It spent several days hanging outdoors, but this did not improve matters.  I threw it in a corner and forgot about it for a few weeks.  I got it out again with the thought that I might get rid of it, when my husband suggested that I wash it.  So against all label warnings to the contrary, I threw it in the washing machine.  Not only did it come out smelling fresh, but the colours are now significantly brighter than before and my bag is now a favourite for weekend trips away.
In case you are wondering, I still drive a Mini, so my  bag could be said to accessorize my car.

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  1. Hello Marie!

    I do like your bag, it's really nice! I have been using a floral Cath Kidston weekend bag for times when I overnight away from home and I find that such a bag is indispensible! Well done on your eBay bid. Sometimes the things you get on there are fab, other times not so much, but on the whole, with a bit of TLC (like your bag having a wash), things come out pretty well. I bought my first 35mm SLR on there and it came from a musty smoker's house, but with a good clean it came up smelling of roses (it only cost me a paltry £8 and the joy I have received has been priceless!) I'm glad that you're loving your new bag :-)

    Best wishes,

    Tash from