Friday 15 November 2013

Christmas Past

Christmas is fast approaching and so I have been on the look-out for something seasonal in the way of festivities.  I saw this brochure in the café at work and discovered an old-fashioned Christmas celebration, complete with Christmas dinner.

The festivities are spread over a couple of weekends towards the end of November.  We plan to attend the opening night of this event when the Christmas lights are switched on and a carol concert takes place.  The following weekend, we will be having an early Christmas dinner and hopefully return the following day for a candlelight carol service. 

This is something that I've really missed attending at Christmas since we moved to this area as I had been unable to find such an event.  It is also many years since we went to a carol service by candlelight ~ the last one being in Yorkshire in 2004, so I'm really looking forward to it. 

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  1. I agree, there is something magical about carols by candlelight. I know that we went to my mother's local church for their Christmas Eve service and there were no lights, only candles and it was really beautiful. It sounds like a really nice event to go to, and even more special because it's spread out over a few weeks, so that you get to enjoy it for longer :)

    Best wishes,

    Tash from