Wednesday 30 November 2016

Woody Woodpecker

One morning, I was trying to study and heard this insistent tapping.  For a while I tried to block it out and concentrate on my books, but after it had continued for quite some time, I decided to investigate the source of the noise.  

It didn't take me long to discover that we had a woodpecker drilling holes in the wood outside our window.  I didn't manage to get a photo until it moved to a nearby tree.  I'm informed that it is a Hairy Woodpecker.  Similar in appearance to its smaller cousin the Downy Woodpecker, but with a much longer bill.  In reading about this woodpecker, I learned that it forages along tree trunks and the main branches of trees, but this one had been busy drilling holes in our balcony!


  1. Lovely photo of the woodpecker. I hope he stays in the tree though rather than destroying your balcony:)

  2. Hi Rosie, he is certainly handsome, it a little troublesome. He hasn't been back recently, so hopefully he found better foraging in the trees. Marie x