Tuesday 8 November 2016

Late Autumn Colour

Just when I was feeling quite disappointed with the colours this year, Mother Nature decided to give us one last hurrah.

The time change in the early hours of  Sunday morning made a huge difference to me - I have no doubt that I am affected by those darker mornings, so it was a joy to wake up to daylight.

As promised, I headed out for a walk to enjoy the early morning light and I captured some photographs along the way, though it was not as bright as later in the day.  I headed to the park, which was quiet early on Sunday morning, with just a few dog walkers about.

Out of the park and into the neighbourhood, where there were some lovely colours to be found.

Some of the maples are past their best, but there are some later varieties which have managed to keep their leaves a little longer.  A close-up view of one tree, which had some gorgeous colour.

And this is the same tree from a distance.

Mother Nature certainly knows how to surprise us.  I was happy to have been outdoors on such a glorious morning and to have enjoyed these last colours of the season.  It looks like this is going to be a mild week too, so I plan to enjoy some more walks before the onset of winter.

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