Saturday 5 November 2016

Time Change

Tonight is the end of Daylight Savings' Time, as we head towards winter and return to Eastern Standard Time (which is GMT - 5 hours).  It is always surprising just how much of an effect this time change has for me.  I find myself waking up even earlier (I'm normally awake early anyway) and feeling hungry at strange times.

The advantage will be lighter mornings.  As a morning person, I'm hoping that it will spur me into getting up and out for an early walk, which is something that I've got out of the habit of since dawn has been arriving so much later.  I do enjoy starting the day with a walk, even if the air is cold (I can always bundle up with my hat and gloves!)

As we head towards late autumn and into winter, I will try not to go into hibernation mode.  It is far too tempting to curl up indoors and not venture outside, even though I know that fresh air and exercise is good for me.

I think it is highly unlikely that I will be having a lie-in tomorrow, so I will enjoy the quiet of an early Sunday morning with a cup of tea before heading out for a long walk to celebrate the season.

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