Saturday 19 November 2016

In The Kitchen - Scones

I really enjoy baking and especially scones.  Whilst I like the small individual ones, it is far quicker and less wasteful to make a large round, score it with a knife and bake it as a whole.  This first one is a sultana scone recipe, which is a favourite, still warm from the oven with melting butter.

This second scone round is a variation with fresh raspberries.  I first had raspberry scones a year or so ago and decided to try my hand at baking them.  They can tend to be a bit on the wet side, but I think that the answer is not to be over-generous with the fresh berries and to make sure that they are dry before adding them to the dough.

Anyone for tea and scones?  I'll put the kettle on... 


  1. Both scones look delicious but I like the look of the raspberry ones:)

  2. Rosie - I love the raspberry one too. I put any remaining scones in the freezer, then reheat them from frozen, as required.