Friday 23 November 2018


I bought Titus yarn by Baa Ram Ewe a year ago last summer.  I have contemplated what to knit with only one skein and I’ve tried out one or two ideas, but it is definitely still a work in progress.

This gorgeous yarn is a blend of Wensleydale, Bluefaced Leicester and alpaca and the colour is called rose window.  It makes me think of the rose window at York Minster, though I think it was actually named to reflect the colours of the Yorkshire landscape.  Of course, Titus is named after Sir Titus Salt who built the village of Saltaire, a Victorian model village near Bradford, to house the workers of his textile mill.    

You can read more about Saltaire, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site here.

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  1. Oooo... LOVELY yarn, and love the berry-pink color!! This should be scrumptious to knit with. Looking forward to seeing what you create with it, Marie! :) ((HUGS))