Wednesday 14 November 2018

Autumn turns to Winter

This is the last colour in our garden for this year.  It is sedum Autumn Joy and it has been a joy to behold for the last few weeks.  I've watched as the colour changed from a pale pinkish-green to the deep pink of its last flush before it goes into winter hibernation.

The temperature dropped dramatically on Sunday and it felt like winter had arrived as we headed out to the Remembrance Day service.  With a temperature of minus 1 C, but a strong wind, it felt like minus 9 C.  The water in our birdbath has frozen, so we need to rescue it before it cracks.  The poor birds are left to fend for themselves - they have been visiting for water, but have left disappointed.  We had hoped to put our winter bird bath outdoors, but we don't have anywhere to run an electric cable.  I've seen birds massing and a huge flock of geese flew overhead, so I think most of them are now migrating.  Winter has definitely arrived.


  1. I love the way Sedum changes colour so many times before it finally goes brown:)

  2. It is a beautiful plant and so rewarding with those gorgeous colours. Marie x