Thursday 8 November 2018

A Space of My Own

I thought that it would be fun to share a couple of photos of my workspace.  This is where I sat to type up my book manuscript (yes, I’m old-fashioned and wrote it in longhand initially).

I have my Susan Branch desk calendar to give me some inspiration and on which to make a note or two of things that I’ve forgotten.

I also have my pen pots and the latest addition - watercolour brushes.  The little light tree was a purchase a few years ago, which I consider to be a winter ornament.  It comes out once the nights draw in and adds a touch of cheer to those overcast days of late autumn and winter.


  1. Your writing corner is well appointed, Marie! Fun with the tin pen pots... and LOVE the light tree--very cheer for the wintry days ahead. :) (HUGS))

    1. It is a cosy space and the light tree brings some cheer to these dark winter days. Marie x