Wednesday 13 June 2018

Spring at Green Gables

My last visit to Green Gables was at the end of December, when it was snow-covered and peaceful.  I enjoyed the solitude and the beauty of the the scenery.  

This time, it was busy with tourists, though nowhere near as crowded as it will be in the height of summer.  Entrance to the farmyard is through the barn.  I took this photo from beside the house (and without my glasses), so I didn't see the Mennonite couple entering: I would never intentionally take a photograph of them, but I hope that my readers understand that this was the only photo of this view, which I wanted to share with you.  (I took care to ensure that they did not appear in any of the internal photographs of the house, although they were walking in front of me.)  The house is approached from the rear (this is now the exit). 

This tree was just starting to come into blossom.  We have had a very poor spring and the trees and plants are at least a month behind.

Coming round the front of the house to the front door.  There were a few tourists on the lawn and a school group enjoying lunch under one of the trees.

Entering through the front hall, we turned left into the living room.  The rooms have been restored in keeping with the Green Gables story.

The tour continues through the living room and into the dining room. 

The rooms were quite dark, even with some of the lamps lit (and it was sunny outdoors), but I imagine that it would have been even darker when it was inhabited as a family farm, with dark decor and poor lighting.  


Matthew’s room was on the ground floor of Green Gables and I recall from the story that he rarely went upstairs.

Other rooms on the ground floor include the scullery, larder and kitchen. 


 The old-fashioned Waterloo stove was used for cooking and heating and had pride of place in the kitchen.

Upstairs is the room that everyone want to see - yes, it is Anne’s room and it looks like she just stepped out of it.  I could just imagine her running up the stairs from the garden with her red pigtails flying behind her.

The other bedrooms on the upper floor include a guest bedroom.

As well as Marilla’s bedroom.

And, of course, her sewing room.

 As I was descending, I paused at the window to look at the view across the garden to the farmyard beyond.

It was interesting to see the interior of the house and I was fortunate that it wasn’t too crowded during my visit, as one of the guides told me that it is absolutely packed during the summer.  She said that, between April and October 2017, they had 250,000 visitors!

This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Tracy, my kindred spirit.


  1. I remember you visit in the snow Marie as your photos were beautiful and the place looks so different now but equally lovely. How wonderful to wander around the house and garden imagining the book's heroine in her room and running in the garden:)

    1. It certainly does look different. I’m glad to have seen it in spring as well as in winter, but think that I preferred it when I had the place to myself. Marie x

  2. Well, I'm so misty-eyed I can hardly write... thank you for the lovely dedication of this post, Marie--my dear friend! I've always wanted to visit Green Gables, but have only ever been able to in books and photos, etc. What a special treat to see inside Green Gables!! It is surprising how dark it seems side... well, maybe not with all the dark, heavy furniture, dark textiles, etc. I like the spareness of Matthew's room, and the kitchen. How wonderful is that old stove! And it is special to see Anne's room--how pretty and feminine! Marilla's sewing room is very cozy. I'd like to have her sewing machine and yarn swift. Such a lovely day you had here... and with sunshine and blooms, Anne would have approved! ;) Thanks for taking us along! ((LOVE & HUGS))

    1. You are most welcome, Tracy. I wish that you could have been there with me, as I know you would love it. Marie x

  3. This is my first visit to your lovely blog and I'm just in time to see Anne's home! Perfect. I loved the books as a girl and would have loved a bedroom just like hers.