Friday 15 June 2018

Spring Drive

Our recent day out took us to Cavendish and then back along the shore from Green Gables.  The view above is taken just down the road from our stop in New London, at the birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery.

The weather was perfect for taking photos, as the sky was clear enough to see into the distance.

We stopped further along the road to admire the tranquility of the light reflecting the trees in the water.

We found a secret place which is likely missed by the thousands of tourists who flock to Green Gables in the summer. Mr Candytuft is  always keen to go down mystery tracks and see where we end up.  This is what we found at the end of one - it is called the Swimming Rock.

There is a little sand beach - likely a bit bigger when the tide is out.  The red sandstone rock is typical of Prince Edward Island.

The land was purchased by the Sterling Women’s Institute in 1963 and is now a picnic place, with benches and a little shelter.

Continuing on our journey, we stopped to take a photo of St Thomas’s Anglican Church.

The gravestones closest to the road appeared to be fishermen’s, as they had boats carved on them.  The fishing industry is big in Prince Edward Island and not without danger.  Two fishermen tragically died only a week ago.

One of the most painted panoramas of Prince Edward Island is of the tiny community of French River with its painted buildings, overlooking New London Bay.

This is the view looking to the right.  It wasn’t possible to get a good shot of the whole bay, as there was a tour bus of Japanese tourists all clicking away with their cameras.  The Japanese are huge fans of Anne of Green Gables.