Wednesday 8 February 2017

Everyday Joy

Joy has been a bit thin on the ground for more than a week because I've been fighting a virus.  In an effort to boost my intake of fresh vegetables, and at the same time enjoy something that has some flavour, I made tabbouleh from The Little Book of Lunch.  This is a recipe that I've been intending to try for ages, but never actually did until now.  Although I cut down on the onion, I think that it still requires less, as even a third of a red onion is a bit overpowering.

Marie Soderberg's book arrived at the library and so I've been reading a bit more about hygge.  The cover of this book is a joy to behold and I found a couple of recipes inside which I plan to try at a later date.

Last Wednesday morning dawned with a dusting of snow on the trees.  I was actually awake long before dawn due to my cold symptoms, but I must admit to feeling more than a little relieved that I didn't have to go anywhere and could stay at home under a blanket.  There is definitely something joyful in being cosy and at home on a winter's morning.

In the kitchen again at the weekend and I finally perfected my raspberry scones.  I discovered that the secret to a successful scone is to use frozen berries rather than fresh.  They are delicious with a cup of tea and I'm still enjoying them because I'm the only one who likes raspberries and I put them in the freezer to reheat in the oven whenever I fancy one.

Back to the weather and this was yesterday morning.  We got home just as the weather turned nasty with freezing rain frosting the trees - suspended water droplets on every branch.  What a relief to be warm indoors again!


  1. Tabbouleh...YUM! I don't like it too onion-y either. Gorgeous raspberry scones--like a taste of summer in winter...mmm... LOVE that cover of the Hygge book--it's like champagne bubbles! Be keeping warm... and be well soon, Marie! :) ((HUGS))

  2. Tracy - thanks for the get well wishes. Marie x

  3. I love tabbouleh but haven't made it for ages. Your scones look delicious and that is a good tip about using frozen berries. The Hygge book looks good,I must look out for it. Hope you feel well again soon, Marie:)

  4. I think there is LOTS of joy in being cosied up under a blanket on a winter's morning - perhaps with a pot of tea and a warm raspberry scone to hand. I hope you're feeling better now, Marie. x

  5. Rosie - the scones work out much better with frozen berries. When I tried fresh, they broke up and make the dough very soggy. Thank you for your get well wishes. Marie x

  6. Mrs Tiggywinkle - I agree! Thanks for the get well wishes. Marie x