Saturday 4 June 2016

Toronto Islands

The last couple of weeks have been hot, with temperatures in the high 20s and hitting 30+ on some days.  We know from experience that the best way to escape the heat is to head over to the Islands.  

The Toronto Islands are a chain just off the shoreline of the city, which are accessed by one of the three Island ferries.  Today, we chose to head for Centre Island, which is a beautiful park with beach areas.

We did a lot of walking throughout the day, from Centre Island, along the boardwalk and down to the residential community of Ward's Island.

As we strolled along the main boulevard, we enjoyed the views of the gardens and the skyline, which is dominated by the CN Tower.

There is a pier on the southern side of Centre Island out onto Lake Ontario and beaches on either side.

The city skyline has changed a lot in the years since we moved away, with a lot of new condominiums constructed and still more being added.

This is the view to the west of the Tower, which was constructed as a communications and observation tower; standing at 553.33 Metres/1815.4 feet high.

There are several yacht clubs on the Island: this one is in a quiet backwater away from the more popular paths, where the only noise is the sounds of the ducks and other wildlife.  It really is the most perfect place to escape and enjoy a few hours of peace as well as the cooling lake breezes.


  1. The islands look lovely, so cool and tranquil, no wonder you enjoyed visiting:)

  2. Hi Rosie, they are a beautiful place to escape from the bustle of city life. Marie x