Friday 24 June 2016

In The Kitchen

I wish that I could claim to have been busy in the kitchen this week, but I can't.  The summer temperatures have been soaring and the humidity has been unbearable.  The last thing that I was planning to do was baking.

These photos are of some of the baking that I did before the mercury started climbing.  A delicious quiche, which we sliced up and took on a picnic.

Chocolate chip cookies and bread sticks, which are perennial favourites.  

Who can resist bread fresh from the oven and still warm?  I have been using the breadmaker during the heatwave, but sadly, it doesn't do breadsticks. 


  1. Your baking looks wonderful and very tasty, Marie. The quiche and bread sticks look great for a picnic too. I never want to eat so much when it is very hot weather, quiche and salad is usually a good option. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Thanks Rosie. I agree about not wanting to eat a big meal when it is hot. Picnics are lovely, but sometimes it is just too hot to be outdoors. Marie x