Tuesday 14 June 2016

St Andrew-By-The-Lake

The Anglican church of St Andrew-By-The-Lake was built in 1884.  The wooden church serves the Toronto Island community, although many parishioners live in the City of Toronto and take the ferry over to the Island to attend services.  

The church architect created a semi-Gothic and Medieval variation on the Stick-Style which was generally used for summer cottages.  In the 1920s, stained glass windows were added.  The church was actually moved to its present location in 1959, by sawing it in half.  Fortunately, no damage was done to the windows.

On this occasion, we only admired the church from the outside, as there was a wedding in progress.  We have been inside some years ago and it is beautiful.  To see what it looks like in all seasons and admire the interior, visit the church website here.


  1. What a beautiful church, I can't imagine how they cut it in half to move it but it was obviously a succesful procedure:)

  2. Hi Rosie, it is a beautiful church and it is in a very peaceful setting. Moving buildings is quite common in Canada - houses are just picked up and relocated - a bit more complicated than it sounds, but it works. Marie x

  3. Somehow I missed this one... that little church is sooo pretty, and such lovely surroundings. :) ((HUGS))

  4. Hi Tracy, yes it is a pretty church and lovely inside too. The setting adds to the sense of peace. Marie x