Tuesday 3 May 2016

Flea Market Fabric - Cushion Cover

I've always had a fear of machine stitching zippers in place.  I had some bad experiences attempting this in the past and lost my nerve, resorting to hand sewing them instead.  This time, as it was for a cushion, I felt that I should try this again, as I wanted a professional finish and a strong zipper.

I purchased a zipper foot for my machine, but still ran into problems with the alignment.  I found an online tutorial here, which proved very helpful.

After a couple of attempts and a bit of unpicking, I got the zipper in and finished sewing the cover this afternoon.  I think it looks great and there is enough fabric left over to make a second one, which is now cut out and ready to go, once I buy another zip.


  1. Hooray--well done on tackling the zip! And what a beautiful finish is that cushion--I absolutely LOVE the fabric! Wonderful you have enough fabric for making another one. :) Happy Sewing ((HUGS))

  2. Well done for making such a lovely cushion. I looks lovely on the chair and matches it well:)